My Name is Muhcine Ennou, I was born in Rabat, Morocco. Photography had held me captive since I was a little kid. It all started when I used to hide behind the camera to take my family pictures. I never enjoyed being photographed, and I found it magical…

Years later, I found my way back to photography when 
my uncle bought a camera for me, I was a graphic design 
student at that time. I was constantly and in the most 
surprising ways seeking for moments everywhere. 
Walking in the streets, I was observing everything and everyone around me. Traveling to the United States was an eye opener for me, where i found my focus.

The photographs I took were a multifarious combination of what any human can see, suffused concurrently with all the negative and positive spices of life. Although they portrayed the honest truth of today’s world, some stories told in brief moments were ones that had little chance to be seen by other people in the midst of a continuous 
hurried society. Ultimately, it was about the subtleties 
behind the everyday life.

Everyday as I walk around the city, looking for brief 
moments that I tend not to be part of it in anyway. 
I enjoy walking against the crowd, I feel like I am invisible. 
Public places are to me like candy jars, with fascinating 
combinations of colours, shapes and emotions.

2017 Bab Rouah Public Space “Rabat”
2017 London Photo Festival – Retro Wall London”
2017 Photographic Days “Taza”
2016 COP22 CDG Foundation Gallery “Rabat”
2016 Bab Ighli “Marrakech”
2016 Centre culturel de Dakhla
2016 Playground – Dabaphoto #2 – Le 18 “Marrakech”
2015 Renault Vita
2015 Billboards Exhibition by Renault ” Casablanca”
2015 Paradise “Casablanca”
2015 The Fondation Mohammed VI “Rabat”
2015 Galerie Maison et Découverte “Casablanca”
2015 The U.S. Embassy Museum “Rabat”
2013 Theatre Mohammed V “Rabat”

2015 New York, Los Angles, Washington.

2017 CDG Foundation and Bab Rouah “Espace Public”
2016 CDG Foundation COP 22
2015 Renault, “Passion for Life”
2015 The Foundation Mohammed VI “I have a dream”

Playground – Dabaphoto #2