Les Nuits Photographiques d'Essaouira

Alain Licari

Born in France, I’ve lived in Spain and now enjoy a life in New York City. A self-taught photographer, I am inspired by traditional black-and-white humanist photography, particularly the great masters like Sebastiao Salgado and Raymond Depardon; Mary Ellen Mark, Robert Franck or Dorothea Lange.
Traveling around the globe, I create photo essays that cross art photography with photojournalism. I attach importance to producing an elegant photo in a geographical, social and humanistic context, with an emphasis on the latter. By catching the eyes of another, I seek a moment and a connection—in the humblest way—with the human soul. Even more, I want these simple shots of everyday life to raise questions. After my time in the United States, topics related to politics, migration and the diversity of the American Continent—both the North and the South—have gained particular interest.
Finally, I choose to make primarily black-and-white photographs in order to create a particular relationship between the viewer and the print. Black-and-white encourages a certain distance from the subject, keeping the meaning of the photo open and fluid. I appreciate when the viewer’s eyes are guided subtly and gently through tone and light, allowing each person to slip into her or her interpretation and quietly find their own meaning within.